Viddy: Video Competitor

“Instagram may have been the darling of New York Fashion Week in February, but this September, several fashion reporters are turning to Viddy and other forms of mobile video distribution to compliment their coverage.”

All demographics attending fashion week, from celebrities to bloggers to photographers wish to share their experience throughout the week through numerous social media sites. There are the industry leaders which currently dominate the sector such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Tumblr; nonetheless, Viddy is an up and coming competitor which was exposed during New York Fashion Week 2013.

The new app makes it easily accessible for the user to edit a 15 second video with colour, music and filters which can then be shared across the similar platforms as well as over email and SMS.

“Chen has been uploading 15-second videos to Viddy to capture short moments — moments, she says, that benefit from motion capture but may not be worth a full upload to YouTube. “Plus, Viddy has a great community aspect. There are a lot of young girls there, the Teen Vogue audience.”

All social medias must thrive on their various ways of creating a community to share users postings, if the community isn’t interacting then the attraction to the site will dwindle. Eva Chen, Teen Vogue’s Beauty Editor used Viddy to record moments that photographs cannot capture, such as the movement of a skirt and the excited environment surrounding the catwalk. Chen explains how Viddy’s community is currently built up of young girls, which may be interested in Fashion Week along with Chen’s videos and experiences. With the opportunity through social media of sharing moments at Fashion Week this demographic who aren’t able to access the environment or experience in real life will then be able to catch up with the latest designs and know the gossip from the event almost as soon as the people at the event have seen it.

Saturating the market of social media may lead to a limitation of people experiencing all information shared unless they sign up to every site which will then take time our of their reality. For this reason, I believe it is important to offer only a few but well executed social media sites which offer differences between them. The current famous five I mentioned earlier are offering, what I personally believe, is what we need. However, if Viddy find a niche within this market I won’t avoid signing up if others around me want to become a part of Viddy’s community.

However, Viddy isn’t offering anything more than Instagram video, except the audio overlay function, whereas RoseTinted would be offering videos of backstage footage to the existing social media and brand websites sites that already hold a loyal customer base rather than having to build my own. Furthermore the innovative aspect because it is both real time and through first hand experience, making it a deviating concept which will attract people to log in at a particular time to experience the side of fashion which has previously been hidden.

“switches over to her iPhone camera to capture as many shots as she can, and then switches over to video during the finale. “If I’m sitting front row I cross my leg and use knee as a stabilizer to record video,” she says. She’ll switch back to camera mode again if she’s close enough to capture a designer taking a bow”

This would be a common solution to recording peoples’ experiences at Fashion Week, however, it appears that Elizabeth Holmes, retail reporter, takes time away from watching the show to fiddle with her phone and watch it through the screen to make sure she’s getting a good shot. Therefore isn’t given the opportunity to relax into the show and enjoy it first-hand.

Google Glass therefore is a solution to having both the opportunity to sharing your images and videos of the experience whilst you have experiences it yourself in a calm and content action. RoseTinted, further relaxes the user because everything is originally set up before they enter the show, all they have to do is turn on the function and sit back whilst it is sharing itself to the viewers at home. Furthermore, because it has been live streamed, there is no need to take yourself aside after the show to edit and share it and the wearer can carry on enjoying the show and thus use the time efficiently, such as to network. Because the recording has been saved to the users Android phone all the media is saved if they wish to edit and make the video shorter to share a compilation video on the social media sites for further recognition. 


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