LiveStream: Competitor

“Nothing can be quite the same as being there, but a livestream does almost the same. Even a real-time text stream from an event can do a lot to make you feel like you where there”

Being able to share the experience of being at the show to others will help also spread word of the event. This source of promotion involves the consumers who are not invited to prestigious events but allows them to experience it albeit from their own homes. Furthermore, this makes it accessible for people who were invited but couldn’t make it and therefore if they have to research or know about the event they can receive a first hand virtual experience. Live streaming the event broadens the demographic and people available to see and experience it, broadening the potential ster and social media presence of it through people discussing it via Twitter, Facebook etc.

Livestream offer this as well as text, images and pre-recorded videos. However, it is up to someone at the event to livestream their experience at the event but then it is available for anyone on livestream to watch.

“The only thing you can’t do directly from the website is stream live video. To start a live video stream – likely the reason you want to use Livestream in the first place – you’ll need to download Livestream for Producers for your Mac or Windows PC.”

There appears to be a large flaw within the marketing of Livestream as they cannot actually live stream videos as instructed, and the user has to in fact download software to then access this part of the website. I would then think that people would rather take photos and videos on their phones, which most people have nowadays, and then share them through social media sites.

Having live streaming as a readily available function within RoseTinted would attract this demographic who wish to both share their live experiences as well as people wanting to watch the exclusive world of fashion. Although it means they would have to purchase Google Glass, the functions the device holds are also helpful for other everyday activities and therefore can be a helpful investment. 

“Livestream makes it very simple for your visitors to see your livestream. With a free account, viewers will need to login with a free Livestream account or signup via Facebook to see your livestream”

Even though this may take a few minutes, it is yet another hurdle Livestream uses have to cross, and encouraging people to view your event will become more difficult when they have to sign up as it can be off-putting. Therefore they may lose potential viewers and the experience will be once again shortened to only the attendees.

This is why brands or individuals who use RoseTinted will only have to instruct their followers to go onto their social media sites or websites to view the video, making the process a lot easier and accessible and encourage viewers to wait and watch for future events.

“Viewers can then rewind the video, or come back and watch again later (up to 30 days later on a free account, or indefinitely on paid accounts)”

RoseTinted’s future potential could lead to viewers having the option to rewind live streaming however this wouldn’t be introduced upon its arrival. I would want to keep some prospects back and not spend too much money on technology and research before it is even released. Nonetheless, RoseTinted would offer users to edit and shorten videos which can be then shared on social media sites that people can spread and share wider. 

“If you really want to go pro, the Livestream team has some neat hardware for sell, including a $495 Livestream Broadcaster box that can stream HD video directly from your camera over Wifi or 3G, no computer required. Or, for $8,500, you can get a Livestream Studio, which is a production computer in a box that lets you mix and stream 5 HD video feeds at once.”

Livestream even though there are some initial set backs to creating and streaming videos, the company do offer products to all ranges of incomes. This broadens their potential demographic to a larger scale of people with more disposable income to help with their turnover as well as profitability.



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