eReg The Competitor

“VIPs at your events get to experience all the glitz and glam you’ve so carefully planned for them, but we feel your pain on how stressful it can be to keep track of all the details and last minute changes for your super-exclusive attendees.”

Brands and companies within all industry let alone just the fashion market want celebrities and well known names to be seen at their event or wearing their product. It generates free promotion through word-of-mouth which will then be circled around numerous newspapers and social media sites. However, it can be difficult to ensure that they have a positive experience throughout their time with that brand if there is a negative speculation about the brand it may spread negative feedback. Navigating celebrities and therefore ensuring they’re instructed on where to go as well as knowing where they are to take photographs and interview them to ensure their time at the event is documented which can then be shared throughout the internet and media sources later.

This compares to RoseTinted option for Attendee Arrival notifications but Google Glass is notified through RFID invitations which automatically check in the VIP and therefor relay this information to the user wearing Glass. 

“eReg, this feature alerts you and your team by text message or email once a VIP has arrived at your event. All your attendee info is pre-loaded through eReg and you have the power to customize and activate the alerts.”

Event organisers will always have their phones and tablets on them to help keep track of tasks to do as well as sharing posts onto social media sites. Specialised apps are helping these organisers keep as structured and on task as possible, eReg is offering further help into navigating the whereabouts and information needed about the VIP. They have also supplied the user with tips on how to make these VIP’s feel privileged throughout the whole night.

eReg are offering a similar function to my app, RoseTinted and therefore this indicates that there is a need for this option. Competitors are not always a negative aspect of a market, even though it isn’t saturated, because it proved this is an issue people have previously come across. Furthermore, even though I am offering a similar aspect I am offering it through a different medium. Being the first competitor to offer this sort of organisational tool through Glass would ensure that I attract and reach this demographic first, before others such as eReg. This would help build RoseTinted to the industry leader of this particular product as I have the first chance opportunity to sell to the demographic who need this speciality.

“VIP team: Designate members of your team to handle all VIP clients and logistics. This will ensure your exclusive attendees are being taken care of all night.”

Even though ensuring there are designated people who’re in control of ensuring the VIP is happy throughout their experience of the brand, this then leads to cost implications to employ more people for teams. However, these teams can then be specially picked for their talents for working with VIP’s ensuring the highest quality is met and to portray a positive outcome for the VIP which they will then relay back to media sources.

“Include VIP’s preferences in notification email: You can easily include notes in the email or text message notification about your VIP’s personal preferences.”

This can be especially relevant and helpful when managing celebrities who sometimes create lists of products or services they expect to be kept. Even though it may be a hassle for the company to do so, it will ensure the VIP writes and spreads a positive review which will attract more people in the future and therefore more money. This may even offer necessities for some VIP’s who have allergies or conditions that need to be remembered and noted throughout the night to ensure they are not put under any danger. Even if these personal preferences are things not submitted by the VIP, researching into what kind of products they specifically like such as food and alcohol will encourage them to feel welcome and privileged throughout.

“Use digital media to announce their arrival: If you have screen with event information or graphics displayed at your event, use VIP check in to signal a notification that your hottest attendees have just arrived on the scene.”

Letting the VIP know you appreciate their arrival/support will encourage them to return/use or wear your product again in the future. This will also notify other attendees that the special guest has arrived, this can cause excitement within the event especially if they can just to see the VIP. It will also help employees know when the VIP has arrived who weren’t already notified and therefore encourage them to source them out if they have something to offer them. This can also be streamed onto social media sites, causing a stir for those who haven’t been invited or others who are followers of the VIP or the brand itself.

This is again where RoseTinted will stream live videos/interviews of the VIP once they have been notified of the attendees arrival through the screen on Glass. The brand may supply followers with specific timings they are going to stream the video to encourage the demographic of their fans to log on. Using the VIPs arrival to help promote the brand will again reinforce that they acknowledge and appreciate the arrival and time the VIP has offered the brand and would also promote the celebrity, helping them build their career and social media presence at the same time.


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