Where Google Glass Could Be Banned

“It is yet to be launched commercially, but already Google Glass is being banned in public places as it blurs the lines of privacy and acceptable technology use.”

The easy access to videoing and photographing has caused concern across the general public as they are unsure when are they are in fact being recorded. It also leads to particular industries becoming worried about the potential threat Glass could bring, such as recording within the cinema. However, the explorer edition that is currently available at $1,500, may be completely different to the Glass that is eventually released to the general public in 2014, the concerns may then be addressed within this edition. However, once they are mass produced it may be even more difficult to avoid the possible intrusion of recording once more people have the device.

“Such is the opposition to the pervasive nature of Google Glass that a campaign has been launched in the United States called ‘Stop The Cyborgs’ that is pushing for public transport and areas to display signs that ban Google Glass.”

Some people believe that Google Glass is a step too far in turning people into robots. Banning Google Glass is mass areas and receiving negative comments for wearing Glass may cause people who were interested in buying the device to avoid it altogether. This would stint the potential profitability and turnover for Google if they do not battle these campaigns or win them over with obvious ploys to answer their fears.  Google aim to make Glass as much of an everyday product as the mobile phone has become and if the product is banned from public transport and other areas then the chances to use it reduce and therefore so does the reason to buy it.

There are some understandable places the gadget has been banned such as in the car as it may cause distractions whilst the driver should be concentrating on the road. A woman has already been given a ticket whilst claiming as the police officer claimed the device was distracting her, nonetheless, she has pleaded not guilty and says the device wasn’t switched. Furthermore it can become difficult for police officers to tell the difference between someone wearing a pair of Google’s Glass compared to someone wearing a normal pair of glasses.

It has also been established that Glass will be banned from places such as casinos due to these establishments frowning upon devices that can stream footage. Some restaurants have also banned the device because owners feel it goes against dining etiquette, just as answering a mobile phone is rude during a meal. These are more understandable services which plan on banning Glass compared to public transport nonetheless it is still a potential obstacle that Google now has to hurdle.


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