Google Glass: Engadget Review

“Promising technology with strong challenges to overcome”

Whenever a new innovation is released into the general publics knowledge it leads to a new source of potential threats and privacy invasions, just as the mobile phone camera caused a stir, Google’s Glass has as well. Nonetheless, this initial doubting of the device will simmer down once the product becomes mainstream and a part of peoples lives. Google will still have to ensure to the public that they are dealing with the issues presented about privacy and develop functions so that they meet the publics expectations. This is will undoubtedly happen with the release of each new generation which happens to every upgraded device, it furthers and perfects existing functions to keep on bettering the product.

Functions and systems that Engadget feel Google need to address;

  • Including public transportation on navigation tools
  • Clearer voice reading to avoid sending misinterpreted emails
  • Including a cellular connection because it can cost up to an extra $40 a month to tether the mobile phone to Glass
  • Increasing the battery life
  • Create an indication that the wearer is recording
  • Adjustable screen distance for those with sight difficulties
  • Expandable storage
  • Volume facilities for crowded areas

These issues seem to be widespread accross the whole explorer base and therefore, I believe that with time Glass will address each of these current issues but with the product only within its infancy stage, Google have only scratched the surface of what Glass may offer. Furhtermore, the explorer edition of Glass isn’t exactly the product which will be released the general public and that edition may of already addressed and expelled some of these issues that explorers have found.

Acknowledging the difficulties and constraints that Glass explorers and developers have come across will help me create my own app as I am aware of the drawbacks and issues that may confront an app. For example, when live streaming on RoseTinted I would have to include an indication the the wearer is recording the scene to ensure models and backstage workers to behave accordingly because even though the video can be edited afterwards, the live streaming session cannot edit out swearing or inappropriate behaviour. Addressing this issue may be a part of the websites log on details which will only allow those above the age of 18 to view to live streaming. This may be a potential way to solve the issue but RoseTinted is helping expand the experience of backstage and therefore wouldn’t want to limit younger generations from getting the same experience. Especially as these are the most likely demographic to be technologically savvy with an online presence.  

Due to Glass’ limited battery life in its current form, I would have to ensure that RoseTinted uses up the least amount of energy whilst it is running. Therefore the functions would have to go into standby whilst the user isn’t looking directly at them, this may cause difficulties during the live streaming as the user would have to remember that they are in fact live streaming which would have to be paused or passed on if they were going to have a break. Nonetheless, with Task Countdown having the opportunity to briefly look up and check your errands and time available would be continuously helpful within the busy schedule and hectic atmosphere that can surround fashion events. But once the user has checked and looked away from Glass, the app should go into standby as to not distract them throughout their working day. 

Fashion events can become crowded and noisy and therefore allowing for volume control within Glass can be a beneficial function, however, the user wouldn’t want to be distracted by what Glass is saying and therefore miss what someone at the event is instructing them to do. Therefore only offering Glass screen notifications will ensure that the user doesn’t miss any information RoseTinted or Glass is offering and alerting them to yet they will still be able to hear their surroundings. Using Glass during fashion events relies partly on those able to multifunction although I don’t see this as an issue because most event organisers are successful in their job and have become a part of the envied fashion industry because they could previously multitask numerous responsibilities and tasks.


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