UK Ban on Google Glass for Drivers

“Google Glass has yet to launch in the UK, but the Department of Transport says wearers are likely to be subject to the same penalties as drivers who use mobile phones.”

Even though Google are offering GPS systems and maps through Google Maps it may become a hazard for people to use them whilst driving because they may cause a distraction whilst looking at the screen. Even though they have been compared to current GPS navigators the Department of Transport in the UK have already decided to ban citizens from using the device whilst driving.

“Since a ban on using mobile phones while driving was introduced in 2003, more than one million drivers have been convicted”

Clearly the ban on the usable of mobile phones whilst driving hasn’t prevented everyone from using it, and it leads me to believe that people may not follow the ban on Glass. Google must ensure that people understand the possible consequences of distraction or ensure that the product will cause minimal distraction whilst using the GPS function. Nonetheless, other pop-ups such as text messages and emails will also come through the device, causing the same distractions that mobile phones do but directly in your eye line. It is difficult to presume how people will react with this device available in the car. It will either offer the Glass owner a chance to read the information quickly without having to take their hands off the wheel however it can still be seen as a distraction, they can also voice command a reply back which again keeps their hands concentrated but their mind is thinking of the reply and therefore distracted from the road ahead.

“Google Glass is the highest profile product in a wave of new wearable technologies”

With new technologies being developed and released annually such as the new smartwatch, there are technological distractions surrounding the driver, it is their decision whether to make the smart choice to not acknowledging them. Furthermore, it will be difficult for police to acknowledge the difference between someone using Google Glass to someone wearing a pair of glasses whilst driving. How to notice correctly and not pull over innocent people will therefore require training which will cost the government more money towards police forces.

“We are thinking very carefully about how we design Glass because new technology always raises new issues,” said Google in a statement. “Our Glass Explorer programme, currently only launched in the US, reaches people from all walks of life and will ensure that our users become active participants in shaping the future of this technology.”


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