Google Glass Development Kit

Google have released their second version of Glass hardware, the Glass Development Kit, (GDK). This new introduction now offers more options such as offline mode, real time immediate responses and deeper access to hardware. Google made sure they didn’t offer their explorers all the functions they possessed so that explorers could slowly work out and fine tune the information they were given, overloading them with all the functions wouldn’t of helped them search out smaller bugs that needed to be fixed.

This 40 minute video is of a demonstration by a Google developer of how to create and navigate the new developments being taught to their explorers so that they may go and use the new technology to further their ideas and apps. It also introduces apps that have already been made by companies such as ‘Strava’ who’re focusing on the potential the device would have in the sporting industry as well as everyday activities such as Golf. Furthermore, gaming apps have been introduced which appeals to those using Glass recreationally in part. Glass has the potential to go far within the gaming industry as the first-person vision and digital world overlay can be adapted to most current video games. Offering apps for all walks of life and demographics such as sporting personalities and gamers widens the target market and possibilities of Glass as well as helping cater to everyones individual needs. A wholesome product which offers apps for each part of the wearers day will build up a necessity to buy into Google’s new device.

The live instructions and demo’s given by the presenter portrays how easy it is to download and use the apps available, on the other hand, most explorers are involved with developing technology as a part of their lifestyle which may make using the device intimidating for the technophobe. Therefore Google will have to ensure that Glass works similar to current devices such as the mobile phones as people have become accustomed to these devices. Intimidating the general pubic with a complicated device will put them off buying Glass and therefore stint the potential it could have with mass markets.


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