Fashion GPS, Direct Competitor

“Fashion GPS has grown to become the premier enterprise software solution for the global fashion industry. The Fashion GPS suite of web-based products streamlines internal and external communications by allowing top brands and PR agencies to manage their events, track their samples and share their runway images and lookbooks, all from one centralized contact database. Fashion GPS uses technology to help companies operate more efficiently; reducing lost, saving time and increasing profitability.”

Fashion GPS is a service designed to help people within the fashion industry from buyers to event organisers, the broad spectrum of functions offers them help from start to finish. To download the technology the standard fee is $350 per user per month (£215), meaning the annual cost is $4,200 (£2,580) and with over 12,000 people already signed up to GPS, this roughly makes $50,400,000 (£30,960,000). However with tax, costs of development with other running costs the eventual profit margin would be slimmer. Nonetheless, because the service is the first of its kind that helps throughout the entire production, there will be a high demand for it throughout the fashion industry.

Fashion GPS is branching out into events as a whole within the next few months due to their success within the fashion industry with functions such as GPS Samples, GPS Styles and GPS Reporting. Although the company will focus on expanding and developing these fashion apps, it will also expand ticket managing for early 2014 to help improve EventGPS which is a spin off of the current Fashion GPS technology.

“Fashion GPS was first used as the tech platform for runway shows in 2010 and, in being adopted by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and most of New York’s PR firms, was used by 90 percent to 95 percent of all designers showing in the city last season. London saw about 60 percent adoption, and Paris and Milan, both more tech-averse fashion capitals, stood at 40 percent.”

It clear through statistics that global companies are acknowledging and using Fashion GPS to help with their production and the company is still young with only being introduced in 2010, they have expanded successfully and appear to carry on doing so. I appears Britain is more accepting of the combination of technology and fashion compared with other European countries, this may result in English catwalks becoming more tech themselves but hopefully more obviously organised through apps with the costly rate of applying to Fashion GPS. It may also represent which countries and brands have more expenditure to spend on luxury organisational apps and which countries that do not have the opportunity to expel money on privileges. However, it may also suggest that apps within their countries offer the same services but they have already become accustom to these services and therefore do not see the need to transfer their data over at a costly price.

With nearly all of the designers in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York using Fashion GPS it may suggest that America is possibly the largest endorser for the app. With only three years of experience under Fashion GPS’ belt, the improvements and potential of the brand can expand farther than the fashion capitals mentioned, however other European countries would have to embrace technology within their fashion industry to accept using Fashion GPS running the whole production.

“Across its event platforms, Fashion GPS is planning to make more use of radio frequency identification (RFID) tagged invitations along with the scannable invites it already uses. RFID invitations automatically check the guest in when they’ve entered the venue and track how many times the same invitation has gone to the door”

RFID invitations will speed up the process of letting people into the event, helping acquire a higher profile in organisation and personal experiences. The potential uses for RFID invitations can spread across all industries and their events rather than only fashion events as all companies wish to portray the expense of meeting the customer needs for organisation and efficiency.

Attendee Arrival will have to include RFID tagging technology or scannable invites to automatically notify the Glass wearer when the VIP has arrived. The RoseTinted user would have to previously decide who they wish to be notified by on the app on their Android phone rather than be notified by each person using RFID invitations, unless that is what they want. 

“It helps high-profile guests get through the door and to their seats more quickly.”

Undoubtably celebrities and people invited to events as VIP’s attain the most social media followers and fans and therefore their experience and how they portray their time at the event is a priority to any brand. Ensuring the VIP is catered to at the highest quality throughout the night, starting from arrival is highly important and with the use of RFID tagging and scannable invitations these VIP’s can be seated faster than normally expected. Ensuring a positive experience from the outset will encourage the VIP to post positive reviews about their experience and help generate a positive word-of-mouth and free publicity for the brand.

Even though Fashion GPS and Event GPS is already on the market with a large following, there is no app for Google Glass currently therefore I would have to patent the idea of RoseTinted before they start developing apps which would help organisers process the event whilst it is happening. RoseTinted USP is mainly because it is focused on Glass which is a completely new innovation within itself, nonetheless, adapting and using the potential of Glass within RoseTinted is furthering the potential of the app and where its future could lead. Offering live streaming of the experience through first-person experiences is another unique selling point of the app and a way to compete with Fashion GPS is through the Task Countdown which helps the Glass wearer acknowledge their time and priorities during the event whilst Fashion GPS is focused on the event before and after the catwalk.


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