20 Most Wired Countries

  1. Iceland: 13.9 percent of total population (95.9 percent of total youth)
  2. New Zealand: 13.6 percent (94.8 percent)
  3. Korea (Rep.): 13.5 percent (99.6 percent)
  4. Malaysia: 13.4 percent (74.7 percent)
  5. Lithuania: 13.2 percent (92.7 percent)
  6. United States: 13.1 percent (95.6 percent)
  7. Barbados: 13.1 percent (90.5 percent)
  8. Slovakia: 12.7 percent (92.9 percent)
  9. Latvia: 12.3 percent (97.0 percent)
  10. Denmark: 12.3 percent (96.9 percent)
  11. Norway: 12.3 percent (93.3 percent)
  12. Singapore: 12.2 percent (88.4 percent)
  13. Brunei Darussalam: 12.1 percent (73.7 percent)
  14. Finland: 12.0 percent (98.3 percent)
  15. Netherlands: 11.9 percent (98.4 percent)
  16. Israel: 11.9 percent (80.0 percent)
  17. Canada: 11.9 percent (90.1 percent)
  18. Poland: 11.8 percent (89.4 percent)
  19. Estonia: 11.8 percent (96.0 percent)
  20. Sweden: 11.7 percent (89.4 percent)

This is the most wired countries , with numbers indicating the percentage of youth who are ‘wired’ relative to the countries total population and relative to the total youth population. Knowing which countries are the most technologically accepting or accessible will help Google Glass define where to market their product to it’s advantage. Defining where Glass will be accepted and bought will help control money being spent on advertisement on a global scale as well as figuring out specifications to apps if the design needs to be specific to a country.

Figuring out where RoseTinted could be sold is another potential from finding out the most wired and technologically accepting countries because this would imply their fashion industry is also more accepting of technical devices. It has been previously researched how technology is becoming increasingly present within the fashion industry, although it will not become present within a country that isn’t already ‘wired’. The outcome of this research has presented myself with countries I hadn’t previously thought about expanding to within the future but now knowing they’re the top globally wired countries it makes it clearer where research into cultures and fashions needs to be taken once RoseTinted has been introduced and succeeded within the British fashion industry. 



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