10 Things You Need To Know About Google Glass

“1. Tiny but powerful hardware

google-glass-tiny-powerful-hwGoogle Glass is packed with Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, speakers, a camera, microphone and touchpad. Then there’s the main piece, a tiny screen the size of your finger, that shows you all the information you need at your finger tips.”

Even though some people have disregarded the size of Glass as too large, this article applauds its size and how Google has managed to fit so much into the device. They believe that the gadget is unobtrusive and is applicable to everyday life which is Googles aim for Glass that it can be worn and used throughout everyday activities.

Furthermore, with the continual growth of technology as a whole, parts involved within Glass themselves will become smaller yet more powerful and therefore, slowly but surely the device will become even smaller and less distinct. The critics worried about the aesthetics will therefore only have to wait patiently for a design they approve of to be released and with phones being updated nearly twice a year, they undoubtedly will have to wait a long time.

“2. Heed my command

Google Glass has voice input, which makes everything a lot more interesting. The built-in microphone combined with Google Now connects you directly to the search engine.”

Glass is always listening so whenever the wearer says, “OK glass” it becomes active again and therefore information is easily accessible at all times. The voice input is matched with a touchpad making it a lot more socially accessible rather than talking out loud in public, however the voice commands do make it easy when all hands are busy and the user wishes to take a photo or source information.

“3. Life pauses for no one

Google Glass users can now live in the moment, and keep that memory in pictures or videos. No more foraging around for a camera, tuning the settings of your photo apps, and letting the moment go by without a single snap.”

Taking photographs and recordings through mobile phones of everyday activities has become a way of life rather than saving film for special moments and Glass has now increased the potential of this. It can be frustrating missing a moment because you’re either setting up your camera or you just miss taking the photo, Glass offers a quick resolution to taking pictures there and then. Although you have to be readily wearing Glass for it to do so, which may mean that people take to wearing Glass all day every day; although this may appear strange and maybe socially rude currently, once they become mainstream they will be seen as often as people using mobile phones.

“4. Always on call, literally

With Glass being able to record videos, it can also act as a webcam with the data connection from your home or smartphone. You can use Google Hangout for a group conference, and still do what you need to do without being confined to a desk.”

As well as answering telephone calls, Glass acts similar to iOS’ FaceTime which shares the live image to the person on the other end of the line but instead of recording the wearers face, it shares from a first-person view. The voice input feature also allows the Glass owner to dictate messages, attach videos and pictures along with and sending it via the mobile data connection.


Through this image example it is clearly shown that the wearer is busy with an activity but still wants to communicate with people around them, Glass offers the opportunity to do this.

“5. Never get lost again

Since it’s built with a GPS chip, it’ll be able to help you navigate, with help from Google Maps.

Glass offers the wearer to monitor its whereabouts through a self tracking system as well as an icon which represents where they are, furthermore the device’s screen direction moves with the wearers head tilt and therefor clearly dictates where the map is indicating for them to go. This continual mapping will help people who need their hands whilst traveling so either driving, cycling, skiing etc and allows them to carry on at their own pace rather than pull over or stop to read directions.

“6. Blend in with the locals

You can now convert the currency rate, understand the measurement system (metric or not), or translate your questions and their answers on the spot.”


Admittedly, Glass isn’t the most unnoticeable product to date, but it does help the wearer blend into local scenery through translations on the spot. With the combination of navigation and translations, Glass is very beneficial to the constant traveler as they can also track their memories through videos and photos and them share them through Google+. Google’s new release of Glass Development Kit also allows the wearer to now translate foreign language signs into their native tongue.

“7. Live from the field

Live information that is shown to you would come from the predictive software of Google Now. On Android’s Jelly Bean, Google Now knows when you’re leaving your home for work and can warn you of bad traffic before you get stuck in it.”

Whilst these functions are already available on Android, Glass allows the wearer to access it quicker and without having to check your device, this would come in handy if they’re in a rush. Especially when Glass Now offers cards which show the users boarding pass, next appointment, hotel or restaurant reservations, reminders for important birthdays and events within your calendar. Google is trying and slowly offering the ultimate organisational tool to help the busy lives people run in this current economy and even busy home schedules.

“9. Time for a make-over

Google Glass weighed an astounding 8 pounds when it first was announced more than a year ago, but now is seeking to receive nods from the fashion industry.”

glass-colorsThe product has already released its second instalment of developments through the GDK since it’s release in early 2013, indicating that there will many more growth spurts to come. This may lead to new advancements within the technology along with the style that is currently available. There are numerous rumours surrounding the potential collaborations that could be made but the only official designer involved is Isabelle Olsson who has offered a new and fashion conscious style that replicates popular framed of today. Whether or not this design will be plugged is unconfirmed although it is highly likely with the gratitude and admiration it has received, although personally the frame is somewhat lending itself more to women but then again may be that is the demographic Google has appointed Isabelle to address.



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