Wishlist for Google Glass

“It would be great for the feed to be streamed live and to allow the viewers to get to experience what is happening in real-time.”

Sharing videos and photos that have already been taken is easily accessible within Google Glass and is one of its main features. Nonetheless, live streaming the activity the wearer is experiencing hasn’t yet been established and with technology provided nowadays with Skype and FaceTime it is a clear next step. The first-person view allows for opportunities within teaching methods within hands on industries, unfortunately the recording currently stands at only 10 seconds long, not allowing for much information to be provided. Once more research is carried out regarding battery life, Glass will be able to record and stay online for a longer period of time without running out. Mobile phone technology is useful in this process as over the years as systems running the mobile device have had to become smaller yet more powerful due to customer needs. Explorers and critics have already distinguished that the general public would be more likely to purchase Google Glass if it wasn’t so obtrusive, even though Google are working within a weight target, they aim to meet these customer needs by increasing the battery life as well as minimising the devices aesthetic.

RoseTinted would incorporate live streaming into one of its three functions. Allowing the general public into the behind the scenes life of fashion events which is usually an exclusive area would be a main attraction to purchasing RoseTinted. Consumers may even use the app to create advice and teaching style blogs from a first-person perspective upon tutoring, which would be helpful within fashion design as both hands are needed. Furthermore, it may help revitalise fashion blogging. It has been discussed the the blogging bubble may have burst due to the thousands getting involved without offering anything new. Living vicariously through the bloggers experiences first-hand will be a new opportunity available to followers which hasn’t been presented to them before. 

Live streaming of behind the scenes

Live streaming of behind the scenes

“Live information when you need it”

This article is addressing using live information to offer the wearer information about live sports games and information about the players statistics as an example. People already use Google as a source to find answers quick so grouping the information the search engine holds into categories suitable for the owner could be a possibility. Originally they may have to organise this information themselves when they first assemble the device, however Google’s aim with the future of all its technologies is to offer help and the information before the user even asks it to. A small progression into this functionality has been taken by Google Glass; if the wearer takes four photographs in a row, Glass will upload these images as well as editing them and turning them into a short reel. Albeit this may be a small step but it is a helpful one as not all Glass users will know how to edit and enhance the quality and outcome of the photo as well as putting them together for a reel.

Notifications when a VIP arrives

Notifications when a VIP arrives

Knowing when a VIP has arrived at the event is important because ensuring that they feel welcome and acknowledged will help increase media attention to promote the brand or event. RoseTinted will notify the Glass wearer when and who has arrived. Although they must enter into the RoseTinted app who they would like to be notified of may be an initial time consuming task; insuring that the VIP albeit they are a buyer or celebrity will help create a positive appearance of the company.

“With augmented reality in place, it’ll be cool to have Glass give you information of restaurants as you walk past, such as the chef’s recommendation of the day, prices and reviews. Information ofpromotions going on at each shop outlet would appease the shopaholic in you and can even be sorted to cater to the specific needs of each Glass user

This will even be a good thing to have for tourists who visit foreign lands where they don’t speak the language.”

Google would have to ensure that people opt in or ask Glass to notify them with these recommendation and guides as to avoid them popping up in-expectantly which would cause not only aggravation towards the product but potentially accidents. Furthermore it may cause stores and companies to create pop-up advertisements if Google allowed information to present itself if someone walked past their store or restaurant etc.

Google Glass have already started to offer something similar, Glass has the ability to translate signs and information into any language. Helping tourists understand road signs which may even insinuate danger.

“Instead of having to worry about missing an important call or email on their work phone, wearing Glass allows them to receive notifications while doing things around the house since both their hands are free.”

Glass is synced with the owners Android phone and therefore whenever they receive an email, text message, tweets, updates or phone call the information is projected onto the Glass screen notifying them. This way not only do the wearers never miss information which they may of missed otherwise they can use the voice command controls to reply, allowing them to continue to use both their hands whilst completing the task at hand.

“They also need not tether themselves to any computer, laptop or tablet to receive updates.”

Nonetheless, they do have to keep their Android phone in sync with Glass to provide the information and Wifi. This certainly causes difficulty for people who do not own an android, they either have to swap their current phone for an Android device or wait till Apple or Microsoft release their own version of Google Glass which is difficult to predict when that may happen. Therefore another wish made by explorers is for Glass to;

“Work together with any smartphone & its Apps”

With Google only offering Glass to Android phone owners they are potentially shortening the potential of the product as the target market becomes limited, however it may be a ploy to encourage people to trade over from other competitors such as Apple and Microsoft. The software embedded in Glass is all in correlation to other Google services such as Google’s search engine and gmail, therefore people may become accustomed to google as the provider for their everyday technological needs and leave previous companies such as Hotmail and Yahoo. Google is already a leading entrepreneur in technology and attracts the main bulk of people searching on the Internet but offering a device which only runs off Google devices and services will only expand their empire further, so would it be a wise competitive decision to make Glass compatible with other companies such as Apple?

“Having Glass equipped with a personal assistant app like Siri on iOS or alternatives found on Android lets you manage your work life even better via voice commands, say, to schedule reminders, alarms and events.”

Google is promoting Glass as the ultimate easy access into information to help you stay organised and active therefore offering easy access into changing and creating reminders through voice commands is a clear move. Currently the Glass owner has to adapt and create reminders through the app on their phone which, depending on how many reminders and plans they need to set, may take up needed time.

Hopefully with the progression of Glass and the technology involved will allow for RoseTinted users (RoseTinters) to activate and change Task Countdown through voice commands whilst they’re rushing around at the event rather than having to manually input the data through their mobile. This would improve the app further influencing its effectiveness with organisation and helping the user keep up with their fast paced occupation and lifestyle.

ok glass, start task countdown

ok glass, start task countdown

“Documentaries in first-person view”

The current accessibility and ease of taking and sharing videos and photographs is simple enough the only downfall is that videos can only record up to 10 seconds and cannot be live streamed to a social media site. Glass can be used to push documentaries further by experiencing the peripheral vision of the narrator, this appeals to a mass market within any industry.

I have previously mentioned how bloggers can use this to their advantage by streaming live videos for followers to log in to watch, but this is also adaptable for brands to use behind the scenes of a fashion show. Burberry for example, would have the event manager, make-up artist or runner recording their actions whilst busy backstage, it wouldn’t interfere with their work but it would stream the footage onto Burberry’s website for users to log in to and watch. Combining the Live Streaming with Attendee Arrival would allow brands such as Burberry to be notified when a celebrity they wish to interview has arrived and this would be promoted to draw followers in at a certain time to experience an interview with their icons through first-person vision. 




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