The Fancy

“Wearing technology allowing users to merge the physical and digital worlds.”

The Fancy is allowing users to merge products they already own with matching products offered by The Fancy with the opportunity to either buy the product or save it for a later date. The app has gone further than the current glassware because whilst most apps so far have only updated mobile app functionality, The Fancy has used Glass’ technology to its fullest potential.

I also wish to use Glass more so than furthering mobile functionality because with new innovations, new ideals and advantages in communication can be made. Therefore live streaming first hand peripheral videos within the fashion industry is an easily accessible market which hasn’t yet been taken advantage of. Furthermore with advancements in invitation technology such as RFID invitations, automatic alerts and notifications when a VIP has arrived has the potential to grow and become mainstream within events. I have to ensure I am the first to offer this function to Glass to gain a head start within the industry.

The Fancy

The Fancy display screen

“It’s a clever use of the technology that has made The Fancy the first company to actually make money on Google Glass.”

But certainly not the last, the potential for Glass is only coming to the surface as only explorers currently have the option to create apps which Google will use. Once the device is released to the general public in 2014, others with ideas will have access to the hardware and then they will be able to create apps which will help Glass move from a novelty to a necessity.

“Because of the intimate nature of Glass, Google has been careful about allowing commerce onto the platform.”

Basically, Google have ensured to customers that they will currently not allow pop-up advertising.This can be a concerning issue for a product so close to the wearers peripheral vision, especially as the product promotes physical activity and tasks involving concentration. Allowing pop-ups to occur may cause accidents as the wearer may become distracted during driving or a sporting activity once they lose concentration in-expectantly.

“People using the Fancy app on Glass have purchased everything from clothes to jewelry, kids toys to kitchenware.”

The Fancy offers a broad range of products to their consumers already and Glass hasn’t even been released to the general public yet, the potential for the app is vast as they can collaborate with fashion lines and brands to offer clothes as a new segment as they already offer jewellery. However this may be more difficult to cater to peoples personal styles but if it is integrated successfully the app may even have a potential for technological assistants for stylists by suggesting accessories and designs that match the created outfit.


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