Smartwatches and Google Glass

“The problem is that wristwatches have been around for an awfully long time. We already house expectations over what they should look like and will scrutinize any new smartwatch accordingly. In short, we already hold strong opinions about what makes a wristwatch stylish.”

“Glass has the same problem. I’ve been wearing spectacles for just under a decade, but I’m already very particular about their design.”

It can be difficult for people to be pushed out of their comfort zone and this may be why Google has experienced a heavy backlash of complains about the aesthetics of Glass, it doesn’t meet the criteria people expect from glasses. People have stated that they would be more willing to purchase Glass if they resembled the classic glass frames, however, I believe it is understandable for a completely new innovation to look different to their former companions. Styles and fashions have to be continuously altered and stressed for society to move forward in their thought process. Nonetheless, Google wish to provide for the whole public and not just early adapters and therefore will have to offer a conformed version of Glass.

When comparing the first mobile phone call that was made only 40 years ago to how the devices operate and look today, it is clear how far technology has grown and how we can underestimate how far it can take us. Google Glass is the first of its kind just as the first mobile was and with the current rate of innovation within technology, the rate in which Glass will grow will be much faster than the mobile telephone. Furthermore, the style of mobiles have drastically changed even in the last five years and people adapt to those styles and I believe that with time, they will be able to make a smooth transaction into new technological devices which appear un-fashionable today.

“The Explorer edition of Glass can actually be separated, so consumers could (at least in theory) attach it to another pair of Glass-supported frames.”

Whether or not this statement is true I still need evidence because I haven’t come across a self-adapted pair throughout my entire research. I would believe that after paying $1,500 explorers would be unwilling to risk damaging the expensive hardware for a more subdued style. It is possible that Google may offer this function in the future when Glass have become a part of the mainstream and owning a pair isn’t news worthy anymore, however; I believe Google wish to have an outlandish style as to advertise those wearing Glass to cause attention and word-of-mouth.!o43o3


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