Building New Experiences

“By bringing technology closer, we can get it out of the way. This is what Glass does. It provides an experience to the user that’s there when they want it, and unobtrusive when they don’t. In doing so, Glass creates a new kind of computing that’s more about people than it is about computers.”

Timothy Jordan is a Senior Developer Advocate at Google for Project Glass, within this discussion for Google Glass he guides the audience through new opportunities Glass holds and how it completes them. He promotes Glass as an innovation which offers a technological device that doesn’t compete with but blends into your life as he believes tech is getting in the way more than it needs to. Glass provides the user with the technology that they have learnt to build their lives around but within a device that doesn’t take you out of the moment.

Throughout Googles product offerings, it appears they wish to make life as simple and clear as possible, through quick search engines and profession social media sites, Google are offering a complete technological lifestyle. Glass apps are as important as the device itself if not more so because the app completes the device into a product for everyday life therefore, the apps are similar to what mobiles offer already. But because of this, it can make it difficult to encourage the general public to buy  a product which currently appears to do everything a mobile phone already does.

Nonetheless, Google believe that technology is now overtaking social interaction and experiences as people are focusing on the device within their hand rather than the live action. This I wholly agree upon as I have experienced myself through others around me at everyday events as well as once in a life time experiences which should be enjoyed whilst they’re occurring, not when replaying the recording.


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