Diane Von Furstenberg SS13



“DVF sent several of her lithe models down the runway with the Glass by Google, the company’s much-hyped augmented reality glasses, on their faces.”

Diane Von Furstenberg has collaborated with Google to use Glass throughout her production of her SS13 line and even styled the models in colour co-ordinated designs. Incorporating Glass into all areas of DVF’s fashion show insured for a larger scope of potential press and media attention to both Diane’s new range and Google’s new innovative product. The scope for potential within fashion for Glass is further broadened beyond organisation and sharing media as first hand perception of walking down the runway is explored as DVF’s models wear Glass. The general public were also invited into the usually private and exclusive world of backstage fashion by Diane;


This is where I plan to broaden the potential of Glass as a product and the connection between the fashion innovators and their followers. RoseTinted will offer live streaming of these experiences such as, meeting other fashion icons and the busy yet exhilarating experience of fashion behind the scenes. Reality TV has become a part of everyday life and magazines feature the everyday lives of celebrities that people have become engulfed in, fashion however is usually a difficult industry to penetrate as there is rarely time available backstage to stop and film ones surroundings. Glass however, is both voice and touch pad controlled whilst offering the wearer to use both their hands and therefore refrains from interrupting their busy schedule but also offers the much lusted after backstage sneak peak. 


“So will the show inspire fashion’s tastemakers to purchase their own Google Glasses? Doubtful — with their space-age feel and untrendy look.”

Unfortunately, many from the fashion industry are still reluctant to owning a pair due to their aesthetic appeal. It can be argued that once Glass has reached further stages of its lifespan and is offered to the general public, it will become more mainstream and therefore acceptable in its appearance once people are used to its different approach to glassware. personally the aesthic is not too overwhelming although I can see why others are opposed, nevertheless this may be because I have been studying the product. But wouldn’t this indicate that others will also become accustomed to the style? As I revealed in a previous post, Isabelle Olsson is experimenting with styles and has created a more mainstream and stylish approach to the device which will satisfy the fashion conscious consumers.

Isabelle Olsson's stylish design

Isabelle Olsson’s stylish design



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