Isabelle Olsson

Current Google Glass Designs (in blue)

Current Google Glass Designs (in Sky)

Isabelle Olsson attended Lund University and currently works at Google to help develop a contemporary design that would suit the fashion conscious users of Glass.

The controversial design that currently stands and is owned by all of Googles explorer’s has been designed to a weight target although some believe it to be obtrusive and noticeable. Nonetheless, personal opinion would lead me to believe that such a recognisable design would have been intentionally structured by Google to ensure maximum recognition upon it’s new arrival. Even though critics have deemed the product “dorky” and “un-trendy”, no press is bad press. Google now offer 5 choices of colours, similar to the new iPhone 5C, but will these colours only enhance the noticeability of the product?

Majority of explorers have mentioned strangers asking them if they are in fact wearing the Google Glass and asking to try them on. Causing opinions albeit negative or positive will cause word-of-mouth aka free advertising as well as articles to be centred around the product. Creating as much hype as possible over new releases is important to brands like Google, especially during the introduction of the new era of wearable technologies.

Isabelle’s stylish design will circle around Glass explorers and be broadcasted to others interested as to ensure that the product isn’t only designed for a specific demographic but that it is also available to the fashion conscious communities.

Isabelle Olsson's stylish design

Isabelle Olsson’s stylish design


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