DVF [Through Google Glass]

Diane Von Furstenberg video is recording her life and production for her SS13 catwalk whilst exploring the functions of Google Glass and the possibilities it can hold in the fashion world. It is clear that the press and media are highly intrigued by the gadget which causes mass discussion; Diane is drawing a larger intrigue into her new collection through Glass’ innovativeness. Personally, Glass doesn’t appear too obtrusive or ugly in the video, but then again this could be because beautiful models are wearing them, and models are chosen because they can make anything look good. Furthermore, the ideal of having models wear Glass entices followers and broader fashion conscious markets to also want to wear them, who may have been scared away initially due to the technological approach to style.

Nonetheless, the video indicates that Diane only used the video function during the run up to the show. Even though it allows for an intriguing first hand experience and allows Diane to use her hands during designing; for such an expensive product, there should be more available apps to help with the organisation event or just allow more than just videoing.


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