Oakley the Competitor


Michael Rougeau declared in April 2012 that; “Googles project Glass augmented reality facewear is an exciting technological development, but the futuristic glasses aren’t about to be featured in any fashion shows.” Michael isn’t the only critic to tease the appearance of Google Glass however, this statement was closely followed by the appearance of the Glass themselves on the Fall 2012 fashion show of DVF. 

Nonetheless, this feature is centred around Oakley “chasing the beast since 1997”. The designer sunglasses company has been working on similar technology for sometime because CEO Colin Baden believes; “ultimately, everything happens through your eyes, and the closer we can bring it to your eyes, the quicker the consumer is going to adopt the platform.” However, it appears Oakley is talking about advertising and buying into new products through advertising becoming closer whereas Google have made it clear that pop-ups and advertising will be banned from production. Personally, it is important to ensure pop-ups are avoided when creating Glass as the marketing technique is to enhance concentration. If continuous advertisements are popping up unexpectedly then this may cause accidents.

Especially when Oakley’s main focus is working alongside athletes, they claim the technology from there can then be taken to be “used for military and government purposes as well.” Oakley owns over 600 patents but “Baden refused to say either way whether these hypotheticals will ever come to fruitition, but he did mention that he believes Oakley has one important advantage over Google and other tech companies: style.” Nonetheless, Google is much further ahead with production, indicating that they will have a head start within the new industry of wearable technology focusing on glasses. With a head start they will have more guidance and opportunities presenting themselves through designers and developers wishing to get involved and because of this, new styles have already been brought to light as possibilities for the more fashion conscious.

Ensuring that the Google Glass is stylish is as important as technology when creating the final gadget that will be available to the general public. It is highly important for the development of my app additionally as it is aimed at the highly fashion conscious industry of catwalks and fashion events. unexpectedly the men and women working behind the scenes of fashion events are most likely just as primed and styled as the models or attendees and therefore supposedly wouldn’t favour the current style of Glass. 


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