Google Glass

This is a video of how wearers view Google Glass. Activities such as these had previously been difficult to capture from their point of view, Google Glass offers many more opportunities for first hand experience in every-day life to special occasions. Being able to record and search whilst concentrating on the task at hand can help upheave the social aspects of humanity which have previously been lost due to having to photograph and video through the screen of an lens or smartphone.

It has been made apparent that the lens isn’t obtrusive into the wearers view, it is slightly transparent so that it takes up as minimal room as possible but it still provides the information clearly that is requested. “Glass was created, according to Google to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t.” Additionally with the voice commands as well as the taps and gestures to activate different apps from the Glass allows owners to always access information they need albeit they’re hands are busy or not.

“Wearable Android-powered computer built into spectacles so that you can pearch a display in your field of vision – film, take pictures, search and translate on the go.”

This new controversial gadget is practically an iPhone without the apps situated in a pair of glasses. However, Google has ensured that this device will only work alongside their own brand of smartphone technology, Android. This could mean that people who don’t already own Android phones have to swap their iPhones for Google designed smartphones, earning Google even more money in the process, or in fact people avoid purchasing Glass altogether. Stinting the potential growth of the product and possibly offering Apple and Microsoft the opportunity to copy the idea and sell their own versions on.

Google Glass hasn’t yet been released to the general public, but earlier this year Google released 10,000 devices to personally selected developers from a lottery for a “semi-public testing period for the fine tuning and get the world used to the idea of wearables.” These early adopters bought the infant product for $1,500 (£985) to help develop new apps for Glass and help source out the bugs and promote the product, Google chose to hand these out to numerous genres of people so that knowledge on the product is spread wide and to reflect who they wish to aim their marketing towards. These early adaptors are nicknamed ‘explorers’ and they range from Technological bloggers to fashion heads such as Diane Von Furstenberg. All explorers are using Glass in their day-to-day lives to ensure they work respectively in all conditions. To ensure that they do work in all occasions, “sound is produced through bone conduction transfer, vibrating your skull to transmit to your eardrum” with an “optional mono earbud if you need to use Glass in a noisy environment”

My idea is to create an app for Google Glass that helps event organisers during fashion events. It will be downloadable once Glass has been released to the general public with options to create lists that countdown to the time that tasks have to be completed by which can lead to time appointed tweets, statuses, released, photos etc. As well as offering the chance to share the first hand experience to the general public through live streaming of videos and photos, furthermore notifying the organiser when a special guest has arrived so that they can greet them if necessary.

Event organisers continuously need to be concentrating on the tasks at hand and what their team are currently busy with, having their hands free is helpful in completing and helping with tasks and the transparent screen will ensure that they are not distracted and nothing goes un-seen.

The fact that the gadget is currently controversial in the way it acts and looks is nothing new to the fashion world, however the product has been deemed “dorky” and 

Working in events can become a very loud so offering volume control on listening and speaking to Glass is an important factor for accessing apps and information. 


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